Thursday, 23 February 2017

First Aid Training for Parents

You are a parent or a grandparent, are you taking care of children or infants or toddlers, learning first aid safety training courses give you and your family a confidence to save lives.

Importance of safety measures

Prevention is the first step of protection. Parents are responsible for protecting their family. There are numerous threats to think about whilst making safety plans and adjustments to the house. For example, dangerous chemicals or other medications should be kept inaccessible to the children.

Fire accidents may happen in a fraction of a second and for various reasons, hence keeping matches and lighters away from the children’s reach is very important. Sometimes you can’t predict the reason for a fire accident hence the parents must create fire escape plans and at the same time ensure that everyone in the family knows how to escape from the fire.

Preparing and pasting the emergency phone numbers on the wall or tables so that your children know whom to contact in case of emergency.

Role of the parents

  • It is natural that parents are concerned about the safety of their children but sometimes they do not know how to safeguard or how to give first aid for an injured child
  • It is essential that all parents must be aware of basic first aid steps to be taken in the case of an accident
  • Infants can burn easily, even from bathtub water that is too warm
  • Babies, infants, and children are generally more easily injured by burns and scalding
  • To prevent burns, care should be taken to ensure that temperatures are tolerable for sensitive babies
Common causes of fire accident
  • Internal or domestic fire are very dangerous to children. The smoke from a fire can kill a child quickly
  • Never leave cigars or pipes unattended especially near children
  • Never smoke in bed, never smoke when you are drowsy as it may lead to a fire accident
  • Don’t run any electrical wires under rugs
  • Carefully use electrical blankets
  • Don’t allow children to use any electrical appliances on their own if they want to try any make sure it is done under your supervision
  • Carefully cover any outlets that are not in use with safety covers so that it is not accessible by children
Veteran Fire Safety your safety partner

Careful parents will learn toddler and baby CPR instructions. First aid training may even provide parents with the know-how of what to do for different types of injuries which include burns from the overly warm water.

first aid training for parents
First Aid Training for Parents

Veteran provides a complete paediatric first aid training and first aid for baby and child course by a registered trainer. The trainers will help you to understand the safety measures and actions to be taken at the onset of any fire accident and they provide a detailed first aid steps that must be given for various types of injuries.

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