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Fire Warden Roles, Responsibilities and Training Courses

Veteran Fire Safety Ltd offers accredited fire warden and marshal training courses to organisations, industry and commerce. These courses can be in-house or held at venues throughout the United Kingdom. We also create bespoke safety courses tailored to the company’s specific requirements that can be delivered at the premises. The courses approved by the IFSM – Institute of fire safety managers. 

Fire warden requirements

The importance of fire safety cannot be accentuated enough. Generally, the people might think that fire seems rare nowadays, but 80% of British businesses who experience a fire never ever recover.

Fire warden role, responsibilities and duties 

It is their duty to physically implement fire safety measures such as escape routes, fire extinguishers, alarm systems, etc. The role ensures that the fire safety arrangements are properly in place and involves the safe evacuation of everyone on the premises in the case of a fire.

Specific roles 

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a fire warden
  • Be able to identify protected escape routes
  • Understand the term "means of escape"
  • Be able to complete and maintain accurate records
  • Know the procedures for people with disabilities and special needs
  • Be aware of company policies and emergency fire plans
  • Be conversant with reporting procedures on all fire safety matters
  • Understand how to assist in the safe evacuation of a building
  • Be able to take a roll call and liaise with management
  • Be able to select and operate portable fire-fighting equipment safely
  • Developing and updating emergency fire evacuation plans
fire warden training courses
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Fire Warden Training Courses
This course is designed to give in-depth training to the relevant employees. The training usually covers the designated fire marshal role and gives the opportunity to learn about the different types of fire extinguisher provided how to use them correctly when needed. This training helps you to prepare for any emergency occurring on the premises. We offer individual training for circumstances for disabled staff or young or elder people or in a specific environment such as a construction site.

Training covers

  • Importance of fire safety
  • Understanding the combustion process
  • Basics of fire legislation
  • Effecting a safe evacuation
  • Identifying suitable protection and prevention measures
  • Firefighting equipment
Who should attend?

Fire wardens, deputies and safety representatives or any person holding the responsibilities of a fire warden should attend this course. 

How many fire wardens for your organisation?

It depends mainly on the size of the premises, the number of staff and so on. Looking at the above duties one person will be enough, to deal with a small office space. However, in a multi room, or multi floored building with more staff it is clearly too big a responsibility for one person. We can advise you more accurately on how many staff need training per the size and layout of the premises. If a trained person is on leave or sick, training of a deputy warden would always make sense.

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