Monday, 24 April 2017

5 Benefits of Fire Safety Training

Just placing a fire extinguisher at your workplace will not ensure the safety of all workers in the event of a fire. Fire safety goes far beyond having fire extinguishers on site. The company should possess a well-planned evacuation plan so that workers know how to react in the event of a fire.

fire safety training
Fire Safety Training
It is the employer’s responsibility and duty to provide crucial fire safety information to their workers. It could enable the fire to be put out quickly and efficiently, and avoid major accidents, extensive damage to company property not to mention injury and possible death. Let’s talk about a few advantages of fire safety basic training at a workplace.

Develops confidence in firefighting

Fire safety education gives workers, with the knowledge, confidence to react optimistically and effectively during the event of a fire accident.

The training makes the workers aware of how fires occur and how to prevent fires from occurring. Helping them to introduce measures to reduce the risk.

Fire safety training teaches the employee procedures to protect themselves and their coworkers during an emergency.

Creates a safe place to work

A research published that if the employees’ feel unsafe in their working environment it will lead to lower levels of productivity.

safe place to work
Safe Place to Work
It is due to unsettling potential hazards that they face.

By increasing or making them prepared for an emergency may help to increase employee productivity levels.

Saves your money, employee and the property

Save money
Effective fire safety training for employees makes them act more effectively in safeguarding the other employees and the property. This safeguards your employees and your company properties from severe damage and may save money.

Increase the responsibility

By designating your employees as Fire Marshall and giving them responsibility, you indirectly make everyone in charge of their own personal space.


These staff will be aware of potential dangers and know how to overcome obstacles in an emergency.

This gives them a feeling of responsibility for their workplace and treats their workplace with far more respect than before.

Keeps the employee in control

Fire safety training will make employees behave rationally in an emergency. During a fire or fire drill, it is important that employees remain calm and in control, a chaotic condition may increase the risk of the situation worsening.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Why fire risk assessments important for workplaces?

A fire risk safety assessment is a very important as it makes your workplace a safe environment for your employees. It also creates awareness for making the right decisions during the onset of a fire at your location. 

A fire assessment is now a legal requirement for all business premises in the UK.

Why conduct fire risk assessments at a workplace?
  • First, it provides you and your employees the guarantee of having a safe business place to work
  • Well maintained and checked fire safety equipment will help prevent you from major damage to your property and protect the people in the case of a fire
  • By conducting fire risk assessments, you can get to understand the possible risk factors in the workplace and be able to implement the right procedures to control and reduce the risks

Can a business owner conduct the fire risk assessment?

Yes, the assessment can be carried out by the person responsible for businesses who employee five or more people. The fire risk assessment involves the below five tests.

Spotting the fire risks

Fire will start up if the following three things are present 1.) source of ignition 2.) Fuel 3.) Oxygen. An assessor should look out for are places where these come together. Keeping the stationary supplies, empty boxes, fabrics, plastics, including foam cushions and any potentially flammable materials such as gas canisters in a safe place may avoid fire accidents.

Spot the people who are at risk

During a fire alarm immediately help the people who are working alone or are disabled and who may find difficulty in evacuating. Equally, consider the visitors or the guests at your office who are not familiar with your workplace, help them get out calmly and quickly.

Evacuation plan

This is the important process of the fire assessment. A proper and an effective evacuation procedure should be planned with clear action to be taken. The relevant people (Fire wardens and responsible people) should know their role in the event of a fire.

Record your observation

Record all the findings during the assessment. Design and prepare an emergency plan for fast recovery of the people at risk. 


All the recordings should be updated at regular intervals. The fire risk assessment must be carried out regularly with dates when records and reviews were re-evaluated and updated. This will help to cover you and stay in line with the law.

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Fire Safety Tips for Schools

The sooner we begin coaching our children about fire safety and prevention the better. If they are educated in fire safety they've got a higher chance of survival in an emergency scenario. Keeping students safe when they're at school or college is an important task.

Each school must take the time to develop a radical plan for fire safety and train both school/college students and the body of workers on what to do during a fire incident.

Though the number of school fires has decreased over recent years there still remains a risk of school fires happening. There are many causes including arson, electrical faults and accidents.

Taking measures to reduce the likely outbreak of a fire is very important. Below are a few steps that can be taken by the schools and colleges to safeguard the students and staff and properties from an unexpected fire incident

School exterior preparation
  • Make the school premises a non-smoking zone. Improperly discarded cigarette can cause fire
  • Trees and shrubs are trimmed to keep areas around the building unobstructed
  • Make sure you keep an exterior lighting with timers, motion- or daylight-detection sensors
  • Try to prevent unauthorised entry into the buildings because it may increase the opportunity for an offender to start a fire
Keep safety equipment ready and working
  • Fire safety devices have a significant impact in reducing the loss of life and property during a fire incident
  • Fire sprinkler systems act quickly in reducing heat, flames and smoke produced in a fire
  • All schools should have their fire safety equipment maintained annually
  • Regular checks are mandatory as in some schools fire safety equipment is moved or misused
fire safety tips for schools
Fire Safety Tips for School
Maintaining combustible items and a proper disposal of trash
  • Schools need to maintain safe rooms to store combustible items
  • Schools attract large amounts of paper, cardboard etc. It is best practice to keep fuel sources and ignition/heat sources apart from this room or space
  • Trash receptacles should be stored away from buildings to reduce the danger of fire
  • Laboratory wastes should be disposed of properly
  • Keep flammable gasses and chemicals away from heat
Fire safety drills

fire drill
Fire Drill
  • Schools must conduct a minimum number of fire drills every year
  • The aim of this drills is to make sure that the school building can be completely and quickly evacuated in an orderly manner
  • Schools should conduct expected and unexpected monthly fire drills in which everyone participates, students, staff and visitors
  • Make sure the students are aware of how to respond to a fire alarm
  • By practice, you can help to eliminate panic during a real fire
  • A plan for evacuation should be predesigned with the help of professionals where necessary
  • School staff must receive training on the procedures prior to any drills
  • The fire safety procedures should be revisited and updated on a regular basis